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Flight Checklist for first flight


Do you need a checklist?

Doing your preflight checks could save you a headache later. If you eliminate sources of failure for your flight, it becomes easier to debug your drone if something doesn’t work. Along with making your flight safer, and with this your surroundings safer also. It will also ensure you can have good flight sessions, with lower chances of failure that cut your day short. 


  • Check that your VTX antenna is installed
  • Verify the battery of your controller
  • Verify your goggle battery
  • Check your drone(s) screws and mounts to make sure everything is solid
  • Check your prop condition and orientation
  • Make sure your flight batteries are charged
  • Check your HD camera/ Air unit sd card and battery
  • Check the weather before going out.
  • Make sure you pack your tools in your bag

Making sure you go through this or your own checklist will make your flight sessions more enjoyable and with a lower chance of having a session cut short because of preparation issues.