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How to choose the right FPV frame for your application

Whatever you plan on building, it starts with a frame. There are so many options out there and not a lot of information on the differences between those options. I will try to guide you towards the right frame for what you need. This post will be separated in 3 sections : Racing, Freestyle and Long-range/cinematic. 


Racing has been gaining popularity constantly since the first FPV drones started appearing. With companies like DRL and MultiGP making racing more mainstream, it’s no surprise people want to get into it. For a racing frame, you’ll mainly be looking at : Weight, rigidity and aerodynamics. You’ll want the lightest possible frame to have better accelerations, rigidity for aggressive maneuvers and aerodynamics for high speed sections.


Freestyle is pretty popular because of its accessibility and ease of access. There aren't any organizations or competition, making the barrier to entry low. Freestyle frames are very different from racing frames. For freestyle, you’re more so looking for rigidity, space, ease of repairs and polyvalence. You’ll eventually mount accessories on your frame and you’ll need space to accommodate all your electronics and cameras. You will also crash, which you’ll want good rigidity and easy repairs to keep flying. I recommend Flyfish for a good, polyvalent and affordable frame. 


Cinematic flying is more and more popular with influencers and filmmakers. With cinematic flying, you want to get the most video possible with each battery. For this you’re looking out for : weight, space and camera capacity. You’ll want to carry bigger batteries to fly for longer and go farther. Long decks are perfect for this. You’ll also want the lightest possible frame to maximize your efficiency in flight. Camera capacity is also important, depending on what kind of payload you plan on using.

In all, your frame is the starting point for all builds. Choosing wisely will prevent headaches later when you want to upgrade parts or want to better your flying. Happy flying.

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