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New at EpicFPV - April 2024

Get ready to elevate your drone racing experience with our latest lineup of cutting-edge FPV racing drones and parts! We're excited to introduce you to our newest additions that are designed to take your aerial adventures to new heights. Let's dive into the features and capabilities of each of these new products.

DJI Avata 2 Kit

DJI's new product in their FPV lineup sure is an appealing package. Long flight times, intelligent flight modes, easy for beginners to get a taste of FPV flight. The intelligent flight modes make the drone accessible to all, in Normal mode, the drone stabilizes itself which makes the flight experience more like a DJI Mavic Mini 4 Pro. manual mode offers traditional acro flight, just like a purpose built drone can. If you want a small and capable drone, the DJI Avata 2 is a no brainer. The DJI controller 3 is also available for more experienced pilots to use the conventional flying controls.

Takeoff Weight of Approx. 377 g

Dimensions of 185×212×64 mm (L×W×H)

Max Flight Time of ‌Approx. 23 mins

Max Flight Distance of 13.0 km‌

Max Wind Speed Resistance of 10.7 m/s (Level 5)

AxisFlying Manta 13 Lite True-X drone

This massive FPV drone is meant for hard work, with 4214 380kv sized motors and 13 inch props, this machine can lift full camera payloads. Running With a F7 chip and 80a esc’s, you’ll have no problem having precise and reliable flights. 

Wheelbase of 600mm

T700 carbon

Argus F722 & 80a escs

4214 380kv Motors

Recommended battery : 8s 8000mah 

Drone Dynamics DDxLITE frame

Introducing Our Latest Innovation: The DDxLITE

Get ready to revolutionize your FPV racing experience with our newest addition – the Drone Dynamics DDxLite. Engineered here in Alberta, Canada, for speed, agility, and durability. This cutting-edge drone frame is designed from the ground up to take your flying experience to new heights. With a focus on weight reduction and compactness, this drone will change your view on your current frames. With a 20% weight difference compared to a standard 5 inch frame, our new design will make you fly faster, longer and make you more agile. Available for 85$ with a 3D print kit and color of your choice included.

Weight (without 3D prints) Approx 105g

Weight (Full skirts and 3D print Kit) Approx 165g

T700 Carbon - CNC cut

STL files available for Download

ImpulseRC ApexLR EVO 7 frame

As prop size increases, the longer arms required cause vibration issues which negatively impact flight performance and video stability. The ApexLR EVO uses a unique tension brace design between the arms to increase stiffness and shift the resonant frequency of the assembly.

Pre-loading the arms in this way allows to keep vibration to a manageable level while still using 5.5mm thick arms for a 7" prop. This approach saves 20g in carbon weight alone compared to equivalent 8mm thick arms.

EMAX TinyHawk Freestyle III HDZero

With a powerful propulsion system,the 1202.5 7000KV motor and AVAN Rush 2.5 propellers for dynamic and responsive flight. Advanced Flight Control with a high-performance STM32F411 flight controller for precise and agile maneuvers. Extended flight time with a 1S 650mAh battery offers ample flight time for more fun in the air.

Flight Controller: STM32F411, 6A BLHeli_S, 1-2S Integrated ELRS (2.4G)

VTX: HDZero Whoop Lite 0/25mW/200mW

Camera: RunCam HDZero Nano Lite

Propellers: AVAN Rush 2.5

Motor: 12025 7000KV

Battery: 1S 650mAh

Wheelbase: 110mm

Weight: 65.5g

As we conclude this blog post, we invite you to explore the possibilities that await with our latest arrivals. Elevate your FPV racing experience by looking at our new products on the website.